Laptop Charger Port Repair

Are you having problems with charging and powering on your laptop? is the connection port loose or pushed in? do you get a low voltage signal and battery not charging? If yes, you might be experiencing symptoms of a damaged charging  port.

Here at Nerd Repair Center we can diagnosed the problem within minutes and repair the broken charger port and  have your computer running good as new.

Crack Screen

Do you have a cracked laptop screen, dead laptop screen, or broken laptop screen. We can replace your broken laptop  screen and laptop digitizer in no time, just take the damaged laptop to us for  free diagnostics. We let you know the cost and how long it will take for the repair to be completed. Once this is  complete you will receive a call to pick you your device. laptop screen can be damages easily from falling, closing the lid with something on keyboard, or too much pressure inside you bag from heavy objects. Nerd Repair Center specializes in sourcing the OEM screen of each Laptop and professionally installing them.

We fix or Replace all models and brands laptop Screen.

Do you have a problem with your laptop?
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